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Komodo Boat Tours- The Ultimate Guide to Dragon Island

No vacation in Indonesia can be complete without a boat ride, hike and diving in Komodo island. If you are planning a visit to the archipelago, you should add Komodo island to your itinerary. Komodo welcomes thousands of visitors every year. It’s home to thousands of protected animal species and the only living dragon lizard.

In this guide, you will get a step by step visiting Komodo list, learn what is there to see, experience and things to avoid while on the island. By the end of this guide, you will have enough facts to make you more than excited to visit this tropical wonderland in the middle of nowhere. Seeing a giant dragon lizard is the closest thing you will get to dragons and other giant animals you dreamt about as a kid. Here we go.

How to Get to Komodo Island

There are several ways to get to Komodo. You can choose to go through Bali and get on a guided cruise that will take you to the best spots in the archipelago. Most tourists love starting their Indonesian vacation in Bali as it the most established tourist spot in South-East Asia. You can also fly directly into Labuan Bajo and join a boat party that will take you directly to Komodo or around the surrounding islands like Rinca and Flores. A Komodo island boat tour can be organized by some of the top resorts in Bali or Labuan Bajo.

When You Get to Komodo

You have reached Komodo’s shores, what next. You probably can’t wait to plunge into the clear waters and have fun the colorful marine life. Diving is the first thing you will get to enjoy on the island. There are several safe diving locations dotted across the shoreline.

Take time to share the beautiful coral reefs with the thousands of marine species that live here. The manta ray will be around to welcome you. This curious fish loves bumping into divers and challenging them to a swim. Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite; it will get bored eventually leaving you to get on with your tour of the underworld.

Time to Boot Up and Explore

Komodo island is all about wildlife; this is why your next activity should involve hiking and exploring the beautiful landscape. Get a guide and venture into the world-famous Komodo National forest. Here you will come face to face to the largest living dragon lizard in the world. The Komodo lizard spends its time basking in the sun when it’s not running after deer or stealing pigs.

This is the main attraction on the island so be sure to enjoy it. Komodo lizards may look dangerous (rightfully so) but rarely attack humans unless provoked. That said, never get too close to the lizard or try to stroke it ☹. Run away and find a tree or vehicle to climb if it shows signs of aggression. Komodo dragons are venomous and can bite large animals.

While at the park, also take time to explore the forest and see other wild animals hiding in the bushes There are thousands of bird species on the island, water buffaloes, deers, spitting cobras and many more weird animals to see. The landscape itself is breathtaking; witness the beauty of Komodo atop a cliff.

Head Back to The Beach

When you are done with the national park, it’s time to head back to the beach. Komodo just has so much to offer. The beaches in Komodo and surrounding minor islands are some of the best for diving and sunbathing. It’s here that you will get to enjoy one among very few pink colored beaches in the world. If you are on a boat tour, you will have an opportunity to visit all the exotic beaches and snorkeling locations on the island.

Final Words

Hope this guide convinced you to pay a visit to this unique gem in the archipelago. Komodo island will never disappoint those lucky enough to visit. This is where the thrill-seekers come for their yearly dose of adventure. All the best in your travels!